The SouthDrill team offers extensive piling capability and expertise. This includes bored piles, driven piles, frankie piles, micro piling. These can be constructed with either steel, concrete, or timber. We undertake piling for housing, retaining walls, farm bridges, highway bridges both road and rail, buildings and transmission lines etc.

Bored Piles – are constructed from 150mm – 2.4m diameter to a depth of 36m. These are generally reinforced concrete construction.

Driven Piles – these are generally constructed of steel, concrete or timber and driven with a 500kg, 1200kg or 5000kg drop hammer or 150kN hydraulic vibro hammer.

Frankie Piles – Vary in sizing of 250mm, 400mm and 500mm diameter.

Sheet Piling – We have a selected stock of sheet piling and have the ability to install using a 40t crane or excavation and drive with the 150kN hydraulic vibro hammer.

Micro Piling and Anchors –We can drill 100-200mm diameter micro piles and anchors at any angle and in confined conditions.

We use independent consultants to specifically design each project.

Contact the SouthDrill team for piling throughout the South Island or request a quote.