The SouthDrill team collectively have over 250 years’ experience specialising in all aspects of the drilling and piling industry. We closely with consultants and structural engineers to deliver each clients' specific requirements.


Evan Pascoe

Evan has over 25 years’ experience in Southland and Otago. As Drilling and Piling Manager, Evan is available to support clients and consultants on their specific project requirements. Evan has experience operating the Caldweld 250B rig, 44-ton piling crane, Schramm T555 and Foremost DR 24 drilling rig, along with various piling equipment. He has extensive experience in water bore drilling, micro piling, Frankie piling, Bored piles and driven piles. He also leads the safety performance of the team.

Rolly Harrex
Senior Driller

Rolly has over 35 years’ experience as a drilling operator throughout Southland, Otago and the Canterbury Region. Rolly operates the companies 30-tonne Foremost DR24 drilling/piling rig. Rolly has considerable exploration and geological drilling experience having completed drilling on the Southland coal field mapping, Clutha power projects, Waitaki power projects and coal and gold explorations throughout the South Island.

Gracin Meyer-Budge
Otago Driller

Gracin has almost 10 years of drilling experience. He has been awarded the MITO Trainee driller of the year. Gracin is Non-Hydrocarbon driller certified up to Level 4. He has extensive knowledge of drilling in the Otago area on a DR24 rig. Along with extensive knowledge of water sampling and water bore camera work.

Russell Davy
Southland Driller

Russell has been Drilling for over 25 years in New Zealand and Australia. He comes from a specialised drilling background and has been operating our Schramm Rig for the last five years, predominantly in Southland.

Isaac Marsden
Southland Trainee Driller

Isaac has been working in the water industry for over 15 years, with an extensive knowledge of pumps, bore development and maintenance. He is currently our Trainee drill and piling rig operator.

Chris Smyth
Southland Drilling Offsider

Chris operates as an offsider on the Schramm drilling rig supporting drilling operations throughout Southland and Otago.

Jason Cody
Southland Trainee Drilling Offsider

Jason came to SouthDrill from the gold mining industry, He is our trainee drill and piling rig operator.

Harley Harris-McRae
Drilling Offsider

Harley has come back to New Zealand from Australia where he worked in the Drilling industry. He is our offsider on the Schramm rig.

Pene Visser

Pene undertakes the company administration, supports the application of resource consents and prepares quotes and other company documentation.


Bruce Fox
Drilling and Piling Manager

Bruce has over 40 years’ experience in the Construction and Civil Contracting industry. He has been involved in the drilling industry for the last 15 years.

Graeme Stewart
Otago Drilling Consultant

Graeme is part of the SouthDrill team as our Otago Drilling Consultant based in Cromwell. Graeme has had over 35 years’ experience within the South Island and has a heavy knowledge base specialising in all types of drilling.

Brian Pope
Piling Consultant

Brian has extensive experience of drilling and piling across the lower South Island.

Maurice Pascoe
Southland Drilling Consultant

Maurice is one of the more experienced drillers with over 50 years’ experience in the drilling and piling industry. His specialist knowledge of the region is second-to-none. He has extensive knowledge of bored piles, driven steel, concrete, timber and frankie piles.