Water Bore Drilling

We work with a range of water diviners, divining systems, local councils, water consultants and clients to deliver successful water bores throughout the South Island.

Water Bore Construction

The construction of any water bore requires a land use consent for drilling. We can support you in the application and completion of this documentation. Key to any consent application in firstly locating where you are going to drill for water. There are several ways of determining your location and we can advise and support this process. 

Our team is capable of drilling water bores ranging from 150mm – 600mm diameter. Generally, these are lined with steel casing but can be lined with plastic and can be drilled to any depth up to 500m.

We offer a free consultation and quote service where we will support you through the full process of water bore construction.

Bore Maintenance

We recommend that bore maintenance should include removing the pump and flushing the bore as required on a minimum yearly basis. Critical use or sole use bores should be maintained yearly in the offseason.

-Redevelopment – Flushing bore to maximize flow yield of the bore.

-Pump extraction – Retrieving pumps including extracting pumps that have been jammed in the bore where possible. We can generally retrieve 80% of jammed pumps saving the cost of replacing the bore.

-Flow Testing – When renewing your resource consent these may be required, or if you are wanting to prove the performance of your bore capability, these can be required on domestic, rural, commercial and irrigation bores.

-Compliance – Sealing and headworks to make your bore comply with current resource consent conditions, eg making old bores comply with current legislation.