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Welcome to SouthDrill

SouthDrill Limited is an established drilling and piling company and a member of the HWR Group of Companies. 

We are Certified Drillers with the New Zealand Drillers Federation and ECan approved and work closely with Environment Southland and ORC in the delivery of their network throughout the regions.

SouthDrill specialises in the development and maintenance of irrigation, commercial, domestic, rural water bores, construction piling and geotechnical operating throughout the South Island.


SouthDrills’ experienced team of drillers, Bruce Fox, Evan Pascoe, Maurice Pascoe, Graeme Stewart, Rolly Harrex, Brian Pope, Gracin Meyer-Budge, Russell Davy & Isaac Marsden, Chris Smyth have extensive local knowledge in all aspects of drilling, piling and geotech work. 

In conjunction with the drilling and piling rigs, we are capable of delivering all water bore and piling requirements in the South Island in an efficient and timely manner. 

The business was founded in 2008. Collectively, we have over 250 years’ of experience, specialising in all aspects of the drilling and piling industry, within our team.

This team works closely with consultants and structural engineers to deliver each clients' specific requirements.

Latest Projects

Pile driving at Cook Road

This one goes out to everyone who enjoys the glorious sound of a 5.6-tonne piledriver hammering a 1.2-tonne, 12-metre steel beam into the ground. Southland District Council (SDC)'s $3 million bridge replacement programme is now officially well underway, with …